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so... I don't really maintain this page anymore. was all written in the pre-fb, pre-g+ era - in the early 2000's.
but I keep it here cause... well. gee, who knows.
visit fb or g+ for more recent burblings. (or li or last.fm or kiva or about.me or quora )

ahem. just kidding. Hi there. look at pictures of me and famous people.
oh, and here is a picture of me at work. sort of. Slightly more gray hair now.
or, you may visit our photoblog to see many , many, many more pictures i've shot.
...... and here's our official early-2007 family pictures!

We made another kid!
We moved! (to california)
We made a kid!
We bought a home! (in chicago)
We got married! (in hawaii)
and we got a dog! (abby gracie peanut butter) and she's in the paper!! (hi res)

maybe you wanna borrow a cd?
or maybe you happen to be interested in phylogenetic trees?? (or the tree of life?)
wanna see a flash I did?
no, silly. not that kind of flash...

or, maybe you're interested in reading technical Public Key Infrastructure haikus instead?

a most enthusiastic welcome to little mali blueberi, our newest sous chef trainee
and i just won honorable mention in my first photography contest! woohoo!

home videos of canaima base camp and la isla margarita
(4.3 and 1.1 mb realvideo, respectively)

you are probably curious about Early 20th Century Russian Theater, no?
some work I did for the slavic studies department at northwestern.
which is the net result of many hours of:
      plop a book on the scanner ...
      wait ...
      ... (gurgly scanner noises) ...
      ... ...
      ... ...
      turn the page.
      start over.

some truly fascinating reports on root object service taxonomies (excel 28k)
and distributed component services (powerpoint 82k) .

tasty bidness ... booksmusic andmorepointlessinformation
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